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  Rustic houses have their own unique environment as soon as you step foot into the place. Like all other things though, it’s either loved or it’s not. The rich natural touch in a rustic environment is not an easily accomplished look. There are a handful of pointers to keep in mind that can help take a house from average to gravitating. The biggest things that really affect the whole setting are the materials used, the floors, and the walls. These are the biggest parts to giving your home a solid foundation and adding to it to your liking. In this day and age, you may want to consider the timeless style.   FLOORING:  Now to narrow down on the floors, there are multiple different material variations for the floors, given that it can be done with wood, stone or tile. Each has its own perk, but they are all timeless, durable, and easy to maintain. One thing about tile is that it can be printed to duplicate natural stone or wood, giving you more options. Wood is the best to go with to create a rustic feel given the richness of wood floors. Stone stays cool even on those hot days of summer, and who can really complain about that?   WALLS: Now the walls really help give the room its mood, making it seem gloomy or alive. Most rustic homes have earthy colored walls and some even have texturized paint. A really unique addition to walls is inserting wood panels to it which in any other style of home would just look out of place.   MATERIALS: Finally, materials used on the cabinets, countertops, and appliances give the rest of your room its body. Just like the floors, wood and stone are great options to go with. Good tips on the materials are making sure they look natural. This could mean the wood remains unpainted, leaving it at its most natural state. Bulkiness also gives rich character to the atmosphere. One thing to consider is making sure metal objects are dull as opposed to shiny. The combination of all these makes a satisfying foundation to your home.   RUSTIC DECOR: The rest of the planning comes with the little things you add in the cracks. Popular additions to rustic homes are big bulky wood beams in the ceilings, animal hide, and even woven baskets for decor. Little things to emphasize the texture of your home. Warm lighting also makes a huge difference depending on the material used. Being rustic based designs, there are a lot of innovative things being done, such as driftwood chandeliers and sliding barn doors. In retrospect, anything you think of in your home can be made with a rustic twist. Please call Resco Group with any questions or a personalized quote

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