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Saving energy in the bathroom can mean multiple things. It can vary from electricity to gas to water, etc. Here are some ways you can change up your bathroom and save energy. Keeping your carbon footprint small and those savings big, here are some ways to rethink energy!


Install motion sensors
Motion Sense Light

Available at your local Lowe’s Hardware Store..

When there’s a tendency to leave the bathroom light on when you wake during the night, the motion sensor will turn the lights on when it detects movement. Then it will automatically turn them off when movement ends. This means you can save the worry about leaving the lights on or off when you leave.








Change that shower head
WaterSense Certified Delta Showerhead

Water Sense Certified Delta Showerhead

Most shower heads have 2.5 gallons per minute flow rates, and modern high efficiency shower heads can reduce that amount by half or more. Newer fixtures maintain pressure and don’t sacrifice water flow for efficiency like earlier models did. In fact, it will be hard to tell any difference after you swap them out!







Use Energy Efficient exhaust vent fans

Start with energy efficient fans which come in different varieties. They may save you money but once they’ve cleared any condensation, turn them off. Leaving them on too long will suck away an incredible amount of household heat and money in your wallet.


Use motion sensor faucets or Add a faucet aerator

Motion sensor bathroom faucets are available to special order in your local hardware store. Or you can simply use an aerator on bathroom and kitchen sinks. For a typical family of four, this device can also cut water usage by as much as 1,700 gallons per year! Save more and turn off tap when not in use as an added effort to save water.


Install a low flow toilet
Lowes Energy Saving

Save water and energy with this Watersense Toilet from Lowes

If you have a newer home, chances are your toilet is a dual flush (meaning it has one setting with less water for number one, and more water for number two). If you don’t have a dual-flush toilet, you can install a flush converter. This allows you to change settings depending on how much water you need per flush. And don’t forget to check for leaks for drips in your toilet tank or supply line, which can waste gallons of water a day. Or simply go for a Water Sense certified toilet that’ll keep you from  flushing away your money.






Battery powered devices/Unplug devices

Save energy by unplugging those electric razors, toothbrushes, trimmers, etc.  Even products such as electric toothbrushes, nightlights, hair straighteners, electric razors, and others, can still draw power even when not in use or turned on. So save the electric bill and unplug them all when not in use. Or you can opt out of electrical devices go for battery-operated ones instead.


Heated towel rails with timer

With winter right outside our doors, we all know how high gas bills are going to be. And taking a shower with a towel from the closet isn’t going to do much to keep you warm.Some people throw their towels in the dryer right before the shower for a freshly hot towel. Others opt for a nice towel warmer/rack. In this case, invest in one with a timer. Set a timer on your heated towel rail, so that it is only active for a few hours of the day instead of 24. By scheduling your towel rail, you’ll save money while still having warm, fluffy towels when you want them.


Now that you’re saving like a pro, call a pro here at Resco Group to have that energy saving  bathroom of your dreams! Contact us or submit a project request

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