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The outlet in an island has become one of the main places for self-expression and utilization in the kitchen. To become true focal points there’s been much creativity being poured into islands.  The key to all of this being successful is to take the time to really think about one’s power needs early on in the planning phases. Try to reanalyze your lifestyle. Do you mainly work in the home office or pull up a stool to the island with the laptop? Are there be a lot of gatherings hosted where outlets on the island for appetizers will be essential? Deciding between pop-up, power strips, in-drawer or standard power needs to be done in the early phases of the design. It will affect the electrical plan and the cabinetry choices. With all of the color, finish and material options for face plates, matching your power source to your cabinetry or tile should be a breeze. Your outlets will look as they should—unnoticeable. With that being said the color, placement, size and shape of an outlet is important. Thankfully there are numerous options available that allow outlets to be integrated into the island without compromising beauty.

Try to match your outlet to your cabinetry
Matching outlet plates

Matching outlet plates

For example: if your cabinet is cherry wood then as a result your outlet should be cherry wood. If that your island is dark brown, allow your outlet to be dark brown. Your island is green? Allow the outlet plate be mint green. There are ready-made outlets available at big box stores in standard colors or even have catalogs for specialty finished styles they can have you order. If you don’t want to wash out the same color everywhere, strive for complimentary colors/finishes.




You can pop out the outlet

Pop-out outlet from Legrand Products

Push outlets are an ideal statement. The outlet remains subtly hidden until it is actually needed as it lays flat. By simply pushing on the outlet, the receptacle pops out for easy access.





 The Counter Power Strip
Hidden Island Power

Island Power strip from Mockett Co. Products

Showing only a low profile metal circle, the device is to be installed underneath the countertop. To use the device, pull up by the metal handles on top. This sleek design certainly keeps the device out of site until ready to be used.



Installed on the countertop
Hidden Side Strip

Hidden Side Strip

The power strip can be installed on the top rail of the side panel sitting right below the countertop.  A  power strip can be tucked right under the countertop. Doing this allows the outlets to be within reach without hindering the design.




The charging drawer/cabinet
Hidden Drawer Outlet

Hidden Drawer Outlet

This modification can be made to almost any drawer/cabinet. It has outlets and USB charging ports installed in the back wall of the drawer box or wall of cabinet. With this, everything is completely out of sight, leaving surfaces clutter free- a beautiful thing.






Outlet on a tile backsplash wall
Sideways Outlet

Sideways outlet

If this is the case, highly consider buying face plates that blend with the surrounding tile. To deter from the design interruption place your outlets sideways to keep a clean uninterrupted backsplash.




As you can see there are quite a few options for making outlets as inconspicuous as possible. At the end of the day you want your kitchen to be a true work zone. Allow functional components ti be considered and implemented. They should enable function without compromising aesthetics. Now lets make that kitchen dream a reality, contact us or submit a project request for more information!

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