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A kitchen Island is a huge trend in modern day kitchens and can have a resounding effect on the atmosphere of your kitchen. Now the most crucial step in designing the kitchen island is making sure there’s enough space. Things to keep in mind are: the walking clearance and the appliance clearance for refrigerator doors and things of that nature-a comfortable clearance for walking and functioning around the kitchen is recommended for 36” or 3 feet. Always make sure the designer keeps in mind to measure out the clearance of the refrigerator door, oven door, pantry door, wine coolers and other things that may need to be taken into consideration, but that should sum up most considerations.



Now the big exciting part of a kitchen island is figuring out the style and function. The golden rule is “Form Follows Function”; meaning you want to know what you will be using it for. Islands can have multiple uses such as: a sink, a table, a counter, a seating area, a stove, food storage, etc. This will help determine the shape of your island and how you want it to accommodate you.


The island can be the center of everything, meaning that’s where most social events can happen. Keeping that in mind, implementing seats and outlets in the island is a plus to cater to anyone. This can inspire a second-tier countertop. Even a rounded countertop to make everyone feel more socialized. There are even islands with a sofa designed into it!


After deciding the layout of your Kitchen Island, the last step is the material being used to make it. If it is being used for any hot surfaces, make sure to use a durable surface that is going to be able to handle it. Integrating cutting boards is also a popular trend for people that love to cook. Easy to wipe down surfaces is also a great consideration for the area that is used more socially. Hopefully, with this, you are inspired to consider a kitchen island for yourself.   

If there are any questions or you would like to chat about the possible ideas, please reach out to us here at Resco Group. With 30 years of excellence, we are confident we can build you whatever kitchen island that your imagination can handle.

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